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Everything Grand Rapids Griffins

Everything Grand Rapids Griffins

Do you ever wish you got the same thrill when you were a kid and just discovered hockey? The experience of cheering to the top of your lungs when your team scored. That feeling that you knew they were going to pull through. When the game was close between both teams, you were on the edge of your seat the entire game! That’s how I felt watching the Grand Rapids Griffins against the Toronto Marlies game just this year.

The Grand Rapids Griffins are one of the most captivating hockey teams in the entire AHL. Where we see thousands of eager fans waiting to grab tickets for each game, being affiliated with the Detroit Red Wings and the champions of the Calder Cup twice in the recent decade, it’s safe to say we can see why Griffins fans can’t wait to get in on the action each game.

Are you interested in uncovering the excitement of the Grand Rapids Griffins? Here we’ll be talking about our favorite team’s history and what’s yet to come with the professional hockey team.

Grand Rapids Griffins
Photo by Mark Newman via Flickr

Grand Rapids Griffins Stats

The Grand Rapids Griffins formed following the preceding hockey professional teams of the Rockets and Owls in the 50s and 70s.

The Griffins have been playing around for well over two decades. It began in 1996 as an independent club in the International Hockey League. After playing for over three seasons, they soon became associated with the Ottawa Senators in a two-year agreement on prospects to the Griffins back in 1999. 

Joining the AHL

In 2001, the Grand Rapids Griffins had officially become a part of the AHL. Where they soon after signed a five-year agreement with the Detroit Red Wings. During this time, they won back-to-back division championships, and they won the Bud Poile Trophy in 2002 and the John Chick Trophy in 2003.

Following the team’s success, the Griffins and the Detroit Red Wings extended their affiliation into the 2011-2012 season. Many of the former Griffins won the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings back in 2008. 

Grand Rapids Griffins Roster
The Griffins celebrating their first Calder Cup Championship win in 2013. Photo by Mark Newman via Flickr

Calder Cup Champions

In March 2012, the Griffins signed their third agreement with the Red Wings intended to extend into the 2016-2017 season. New fans from across the city started to take notice of the Griffins’ authority as an AHL team, and hype for the team had grown these past couple of years.

The exciting sentiment for the team had paid off when, on June 13th, 2013, the Griffins became Calder Cup champions by beating the Syracuse Crunch in six games for the first time in franchise history. Not long after, they had won the Calder Cup again in just four years on June 13th, 2017, with a repeat of the 2013 finals. This time at the Van Andel arena in front of a completely sold-out and crazy crowd! It was then on July 6th, 2017, that both the Griffins and the Red Wings had announced their latest affiliation that is still ongoing to this moment.


Today, over 188 players, including 23 goalies and 165 position players, have played for the Griffins in the National Hockey League. Out of those players, seventeen of them became Stanley Cup champions, with a Calder Trophy finalist and two Lady Byng winners.

Grand Rapids Griffins Logo
The Griffins current logo  (2015 – Present)

Grand Rapids Griffins Jersey and Logo

What makes The Griffin’s logo so unique? Well, the logo features the fierce griffin with their latest iteration above. A griffin is a mythical creature with a body of a lion, head, and wings of an eagle. When in the initial stages of forming the team, they intended to make themselves stand out as a brand. The owners created many iterations of their logo, and the logo you can currently see is what they wear today.

Their home jersey features predominantly white, accentuated by black shoulders, striping, and numbers, along with silver and red trim and a reverse-color nameplate (white on black). The road jerseys are black with silver striping, white numbers and lettering, and silver and red trim. You can purchase some of their kits and merchandise here if interested.

The Griffins would never have been able to get this far if it wasn’t for the ongoing support of their fans. They constantly thank the support they’ve received and have made many affiliations with local businesses in the Grand Rapids area. They’re about as official as a hockey team gets, and they radiate positivity in the sport.

Grand Rapids Griffins Tickets!

We highly recommend grabbing some tickets and coming out to watch some of their games. You can expect there to be a lot of Griffins game pride, and they’re just phenomenal to watch. If you’re out with family or friends, seeing the games in person makes a difference. 

Single-Game Tickets

Are you interested in getting tickets for a game? You can do so in the single-game tickets section of their website. Where you can get to know who the Griffins are as a team and why they’re renowned across Grand Rapids.

Full season Tickets

For real dedicated fans, you can grab their full-season passes in their season tickets section. Full season tickets are for those who love attending regular games and being a part of a community bigger than themselves. 


Are you coming in a group? They offer discounts on group tickets where you can get exclusive access to Zamboni rides, arena tours, ice photos, and much more!

Are you a college student? On Fridays, tickets are as low as $13-20 for current college students. They also offer additional discounts for FLEX tickets, partial-season tickets, as well as a friends/family ticket bundle in their tickets section.

Grand Rapids Griffins
Photo by Mark Newman via Flickr.

The Grand Rapids Griffins Roster:

The Griffins constantly maintain and update their roster to their website. If you’re interested in your favorite players, check out their team roster here. They talk about upcoming roster changes, interviews, game criticism and go more in-depth on team decisions.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the team that has taken Grand Rapids by storm. The Grand Rapids Griffins have a vibrant history in hockey as a professional AHL hockey team. For everything Grand Rapids Griffins, you can view their official website, where you can view highlights, interact with them on social media, see the latest team news, and much more. For those getting caught up on more things about Grand Rapids, join the Grand Rapids community here at